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Retirement is a lifestyle not a life stage - Chengkok

How many people do you know who struggle with money, who can’t save, who don’t earn enough, who don’t know where their money goes to at the end of the month, or who can’t figure out what to do next with their careers?


We live in a time where majority of people in Singapore are either bogged down by massive student loans, colossal amount of HDB debts and meager starting pay. Before beginning on their financial journey, we have already been given a great disadvantage.

There is a Chinese saying in Singapore that “It is easier to die than to fall sick in Singapore.” We might be unprepared for financial pitfalls that might come into our way. This include getting a critical illness, hospitalisation or losing your source of income.

Financial Planning Singapore

Such example are plenty and it is not pretty to boast.

So now the question is how can anyone achieve financial freedom even you know nothing about finance and investing or you hate Math, or both. The fact is that achieving financial freedom is simpler that you think. Most of the richest investors in the world do not have any formal education. What you need is a little research and framework.

Give us 4 hours of your time and you will truly realized why hundreds of our graduates have learnt so much from our workshop which allows them to TOTALLY changed their financial destiny.

In this value-packed workshop, you will discover the following.

1) 3 Essential Financial Skills to be wealthy

Find out what the rich are already doing to get richer.

2) The 3 mistakes you are stopping yourself from financial success

Who don't make mistakes? We all do. Instead of making the mistakes yourself, save yourself the time and pain by learning from others mistakes so that you can spend your time doing things that matters more for you

3) The financial pitfall that 90% of Singaporeans fall into

We are trapped psychologically by blindspots. This may appear in our lives without us knowing it. Until we become conscious about it, we will wonder why we are not rich yet.

4) Invest your way to success

By asking yourself a set of logical questions before investing.

Our commitment here is to be your coach, to guide you and help you so that you can create an action plan to get from where you are today to where you want to be. Maybe you are a baby boomer who worries that you can’t get to financial security because you started too late. Maybe you are a millennial who thinks “I have got so much debt. I’ll never be free“. Maybe you are a sophisticated investor who’s looking for an edge so that you can build a legacy that benefits generations to come. Whoever you are and whatever stage of life you are in. We are here to show that there is a way.

If you are committed to come for the program, the knowledge and tools you will learn from Financial Wizardry Program will help you get there. This area of life requires commitment. But if you are committed to understand and harness the insights of the program, the rewards will be incredible.

You will also get to meet Chengkok, the Co-Founder of Journey With Money and chat with him how you too can retire early and avoid financial pitfalls. So who is Chengkok?

His achievements includes accolades, awards and media mentions such as:

President – AIA Toastmasters Club (2015)
Co-Author – Secrets of Value Investing (2015)
Million Dollar Club (Sliver)- AIA Singapore (2015)
Division G Project Quality Director – Toastmasters District 80 (2016)
Million Dollar Club (Gold)- AIA Singapore (2016)
Save a Life (Bronze) – AIA Singapore (2016)
Author – The Travelling Investor (Upcoming 2018)

Chengkok is an Author, Financial Planner and also a Travelling Investor. His passion in life is to help people retire early also also avoid financial pitfalls. Check out his profile at The Financial Planner. He has been seen on..

Financial Planner Singapore Speaking Engagement

Isn’t it time to invest in YOUR FUTURE?


Have you ever wondered what sets the extremely wealthy apart from the average or poor?

The ULTIMATE SECRET to wealth accumulation is…

Knowing the right financial products to get, to insure and invest.

Introducing, our proven step-by-step system that has helped hundreds achieve their their financial goals without worrying about financial pitfalls such as a critical illness.

Based on researched-backed methodologies, learn to grow your wealth passively and generate passive income for your family.


Such workshop would usually cost hundreds of dollars but Journey with Money is pleased to be allocated free tickets but seats are limited, so please take action now.

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